Friday, May 14, 2010

End or a Fresh Start?

The third year of Engineering is over. Time passes by so fast. It feels just moments ago I was in Bangalore… a few hours ago I was in High School.. a few days ago I was a small kid! But even when I think about the next day it seems like it’s going to take so long! Its amazing that time passes by very fast but still we are impatient to wait for the future.

My life has been so wonderful and adventurous. I never know what’s going to happen next. I am not saying that others know, its just that I am uncertain about my own actions. I am not sure what I’ll decide when. 12 hours earlier I had no idea that  I am going to book my tickets for a way back home! Well I never planned! Planning has been out of question for me. Even if I plan elaborately it doesn’t work out ever. Every time I have to cancel my plan and make decisions on the fly, and so I have already stopped planning.

Uncertain… that’s how my life can be defined in one word. But I am stupid, I always want to know the future. I look for intuitive signs or astrology predictions to somehow know the results of my future actions. I am often not sure what I am doing is going to benefit. I often do things which seem right at that moment and then regret my actions later! May be that’s the reason I look for the future.

Each of my decisions put an end to something… just like tomorrow’s journey will put an end to some of my plans… but isn’t it also true that I have something else to start with?  So should I call it an End or a Fresh Start?

Well I guess “Every End brings a Fresh Start!”. So let’s hope and pray that this Start is better than the previous!

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