Tuesday, June 1, 2010

My 1st Meditation Notes

These are some points I noted down long ago from some Spiritual books. It was the time when I started my initial meditation. I am just posting a blog on it simply because I want to keep a note of it and I don’t want to forget the things I learnt.

  1. In mediation we close our eyes – remove the world from ourselves – I am not a part of this world. I am like a man in the train, going from here to eternity. When the train stops, I should not think it is my destination.
  2. The greatest evils of all modern times is that – I put my happiness in things outside myself.
  3. To know the truth, you must look into your Heart, look into yourself, observe yourself. Forget the world because they only tell you lies.
  4. Illat, Killat and Zillat, three things we do not want – are spiritually speaking three things we must have. “You should have a little less money than you need; you should be little less healthy than ideally; and you should have critics- people who criticize you.  If you don’t have people to criticize you, you think ‘I am Great!’ ”.
  5. If your ear is listening to your own music… don’t listen to others. If you are a musician, listen to your own music and then every little imperfection – you’ll be appalled by what you hear.

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