Monday, June 14, 2010

Law of Attraction-4: God is Energy!

Throughout the Hindu Scriptures I found that the term ‘Dev’ or ‘Devta’ is used for representing Energy. Examples are: Agni Dev – The God of Fire. Varun Dev or Vayu Dev – God of Wind Energy. Devendra – God of Thunder and Rain, Surya Dev – ‘God of Heat and Light’. We clearly see that all these Devas are actually representing sources that represent Energy,

Then there is Mahadev – Lord Shiva. He has been called Mahadev. Maha refers to Mahaan or Greatest. So I predict that he’s the ultimate source of energy. But who is he… let’s try to understand. His native has been described as Kailash in the Great Himalayas. So I believe there lies the Greatest Energy Soucre. May be the Himalayas themselves or may be the Frozen Water!

Moreover the Law of Attraction, The Secret, Quantum Physics all support that everything is made up of energy. Everything! Lets have a look at the similarities between God and Energy-

  1. Can neither be created nor be destroyed.
  2. Has ever been and will ever be.
  3. Is the fundamental creation
  4. Exists everywhere
  5. Can be seen in various forms

Well, I have listed out similarities that I could think of right now. But, may be you can come up with pretty much more. Quantum Physics tells us that everything is made up of energy, our Scriptures also tell us that God is present everywhere; in every creature. We have been asked to respect every creature since they are divine…


  1. Yes God and Energy are similar in many respect.

    Hey none of them can be seen, they can only be realized. :P