Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Law of Attraction-6: How to be Happy?

Well this is one of the most important questions that has been there in my mind since time unknown to me… and I guess everyone is looking for the same answer. Everyone wants to be happy all the time. Only a fool would think of being Sad! But what if we are happy all the time? Don’t you think we’ll get bored of being happy? Human mind wants change! Its changes that keeps us happy. Its changes that let us know that we are Alive!

Are we going to value Happiness if we are unaware of Sadness? So just as we value happiness, we must value sadness. We run away from Sadness but the fact remains that it’s because of Sadness that we treasure and cherish Happiness. Its a known fact that man runs after things that aren’t easily accessible to him. Anything which is easily accessible to him is easily forgotten by him.

We often blame situations for our emotional state. But isn’t it true that we often have different feelings even when we have the same situations? Isn’t it true that two different people have different feelings for the same situation? So we can say that situations are not the reason for happiness. Similarly, person, place, things of material comfort can not be the reason for happiness!

So what really makes us happy? It’s our ATTITUDE! Our attitude makes us happy. In any give situation, its up to us to be happy or Sad. Usually our attitude is such that – If situation is favourable as per our choice we feel happy about it… This attitude has to change. Whatsoever problems may be; whatsoever situations may be there is always some part good about it. we need to focus on the positives and the situation will seem favourable. You may call it illusion… but if that Illusion makes you happy what’s wrong? We wanted to be happy at any cost right? So if just a shift of attitude can make us happy why labour for more troubles?

But there is a second positive to this. When we start to feel happy about the situation, we start to feel the love that’s surrounding us; even when it’s not there the Universe will respond to the nature of our feelings and whatever we visualize or feel about is Bound to Manifest!

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