Monday, June 7, 2010

The Law of Attraction – 2. Ask and It is Given!

Its my second blog on ‘The Law of Attraction’. Its a Law that unfolds all the mysteries of Life. It simply tells us… we create our own Future. Our thoughts become things…. thoughts become actions.. visualisations materialize…

It gives us a tool to get whatever we want in life… whatsoever it may be – money,love, success anything. It tells us that the Universe is Like Alladin’s Jin or say the Magic Lamp’s Jin which has only one thing to say – “Your wish is my command!”. So basically, we can get whatever we want from the Universe’s Catalogue!

The best part of the Law is… it’s pretty simple to apply… infact any one will be surprised to know this fact that just by controlling our thoughts we can get whatever we want… all we need to do is.. Feel Good and say AAL IZ WELL!

Henry Ford said – “Whether you think you can or you can't - either way you are right!”. Every great or successful person who has walked the earth has told us this fact – if we believe we can achieve. So the first thing we should do is that we should believe that we can achieve our aim. Our aim can be anything! But its just that we need to believe and then the Universe will say “Your wish is my command!”.

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