Sunday, September 12, 2010

It would have been just another day but my friends, you made it auspicious!

I am thankful to all my friends. It was an ordinary day. You made it special by your presence and support! Because of you and by blessing of Ganesha, I celebrated an awesome Ganesh Chaturthi!

I knew that Bhakti could do miracles, but I never thought that its so simple to observe a miracle in one’s own life. I remember as a kid I was always fancied by the Elephant Headed Childlike Figure of ‘Gajaanana’. A divine deity, whose name is taken before undertaking any important work. He is Vighneshwar, who promises to take away all your troubles. He’s the husband of Ridhi and Sidhi; Lord of Intellect and Knowledge! He has been my favourite ever since. I choose him as my ‘Istha Dev’.

I  wait for Ganesh Chaturthi every year, getting ‘Modakas’ and sweets was another reason for my devotion. Coincidentally his favourite ‘Modaka’ is my favourite too. I used to eat lots of them as  a young boy and my grandmother used to wonder how can a child digest all those ‘Modakas’ make in pure ‘Ghee’! They all started calling me Chota Ganeshji at home.

I used to celebrate this festival with family and friends. All the 10 days were superb. My grandmother used to get me flowers and I had to make garlands from them. I was very keen on singing his Aarti ‘Jai Ganesh Deva’, when my family saw my dedication they started letting my do all the rituals. I used to recite ‘Ganesh Chalisa’ everyday, and very soon had mugged it up without even realizing it. I guesses the seeds of Bhakti were planted as early as when I was 8 years old.

Even in BIT I used to celebrate it every year. However, somehow I did not get a chance to attend the ‘Sthapana’ Ceremony in years. But today was different. I not only did attend, I actually helped organize it. It was as if Ganesha wanted me to do it this time.  I was actually a bit hurt as the people around me in BIT were more aware of Eid and were saying ‘Eid Mubarak’, however perhaps they did not even know or care about this Grand Festival called ‘Ganesh Chaturthi’. I am not against Eid, or any festival, but I feel one must respect his own religion before you learn to respect others.

Then an idea struck me. I was due to give a small treat for my placement, and I had to worship Ganesha in a grand way. I combined it, offered him sweets and fruits and organized a small treat with other stuff that guys look forward to – ColdDrink & Chips! But I am happy that such an effort did create some waves and feelings of bhakti. Many came and they really enjoyed it. It also led to some moments of happiness and flatter. I am thankful to all my friends. It was an ordinary day. They made it special by their presence and support.

I wanted a change and I hope this helped. There was another thing which had been troubling me for sometime now. I did not find many religious people around and that kind of scared me. I know, at heart they all want to go to the temple, but their Intellect is overpowered by their Laziness. I thought if I could do something to change that, even if they can get ‘Prasada’ it would be a progress. Its an irony that temple is just a 5minute walk from here, but still people don’t visit it. Why have grown so unreligious? Why are we neglecting our own Culture? These questions had been troubling me a lot. To act religious in such an environment, it takes a great deal of Will power. You have to go to the temple, when others are watching ‘Dabanng’. I do understand that, but why on earth can’t we? When Muslims and Christians follow their religion why won’t the Hindus?

With Online(Amazon etc) and Onphone(Dominos) ordering, I guess everyone has developed an attitude where he wants ‘Ghar Pahuch Seva’.


  1. Inspirational Work Vishal (chota ganeshji), awe-struck by your originality and fearlessness, Great Work, Keep it UP !!!

  2. Thanks Saket. A little appreciation means a lot for continuation.