Thursday, September 16, 2010

Do we really need Idols and places of Worship? (Part 1)

Idol worship and places of worship like Churches, Mosques and Temples have been pretty much debated amongst various seers, nobleman, saints, and people with knowledge of religion and spirituality around the world. There is no straight forward conclusion as to whether Idol worship should be followed or not, but undoubtedly The World and its religions have been divided over the matter in 3 basic classes of people:

  1. Those who think Idol Worship is an integral part of Religious and/or Spiritual Practice.
  2. Those who are strictly against it.
  3. Those who consider it as just a part of culture/tradition which doesn’t influence much.

Recently I did a lot of research in Religious & Spiritual Practices followed around the world; ventured into some aspects of Meta Physics & Quantum Physics.Then, I started practicing Yogasanaas and found them to be a powerful tool for Spiritual Progress. After regular practice of Meditation & Yogasanaas and the concurrent  research, few deep buried secrets began to unfold before me. I guess this is what is called self-revelation (not to be confused with self-realization!). It was a glimpse to another world, another civilization, another culture! The culture of our ancestors. I was convinced beyond doubt that most of the religious traditions have their impact and importance in human life, even today. Contrary to the modern belief, they have become even more valuable!

Strangely(or Unstrangely for Believers ), I found that Idol Worshipping is a process designed to keep humans at peace; to help them in  their natural as well as spiritual growth. Presently we are unaware of the way it works and hence we tend to neglect it. Its also the fault of our ancestors who failed to explain to us the science behind Religion.

People might argue that Idol worshipping is wrong because GOD isn’t a piece of stone or a portrait. He’s Almighty, Omnipotent and Omnipresent. He doesn’t need a place to rest or reside. He is everywhere. But my friends, this is not what Idol Worship is all about. It is about something really very fundamental to creation. It involves deep theories of Science – coming from Quantum & Modern Physics. What Quantum Physics is discovering now, has already been put into practice through the practice of Idol Worship and Temple Devotion.

In the upcoming posts I am going to write about what exactly Idol Worship is all about – its benefits and implications. For those who really want to know, I advice you to keep your heart open to understand them. Right now all I have to say is that the practice of Idol Worship is a wonderful technique developed by our ancestors which is going to last for eternity as it is the most fundamental and simplest form of Yoga called ‘Bhakti Yoga’.

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