Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Aasthik's 'String Theory' of Relationships.

Anyone familiar with Modern Physics will be familiar with Sting Theory which is also called M-Theory. Here I propose another kind of String Theory. Its a theory that will help us understand human nature, human instincts, human relationships – how to develop, hold and maintain them.

Every blog post I write is inspired by some incidence(s) in my/my friends life or from the life of the people I know. This one is dedicated to everyone who had a bad time going through relationships this year. This year I have seen more than two dozen heartbreaks/break ups between couples and even problems arising between best friends. I have seen cases where there is love between people, still they can’t continue with the relation. On a personal note, I too have gone through both of them this very year.

I have felt the pain and did what my instincts told me. I tried everything I could to save it but it wasn’t the way it was supposed to be done. And today I understand how I should have proceeded with the situation:

Suppose that the two weights are the two persons. The string represents the Relationship. Now if you keep increasing the weigh on both the sides… a point will come when the tension will surpass the breaking strength and the string will break! The relationship breaks!

This is how we generally tend to proceed in handling relationships during times of stress/despair. This stress can be the result of a changing financial condition or a new workload or a change of location etc. We demand and expect things from the other person in the relationship. We sometimes feel that we have given enough and its time for us to Take back from the relationship, i.e., we expect the other person to give us what we think we deserve.

But, the other person is feeling the same way and so end up in a situation like this:

Now when we demand more, we apply more force resulting in increase of tension in the string(relationship!) and finally it breaks!!

Don’t animals fight this way?

Agreed that we define Man as a social animal but we are not ANIMALS right? 

Consider that the other person is demanding, now if we react thoughtfully and with maturity we would think of giving input to the relation, inputs like time, love, care instead of being selfish and demanding more for ourselves. If we do that we would be able to reduce the stress(tension) and avoid string from breaking hence saving the Relationship.

Lovely Relations are like a ring. If we wear it, it will hold our finger tightly. If we remove it, it will surely make us to feel its absence!


  1. Awesome vishal.. :)
    i second u with this... i think dis shud really work out!!! :)

  2. great thought................

  3. @Myth & Richa
    Thanks :)
    I hope you'll apply it your lives and spread the message.