Friday, November 19, 2010

Adventures of India!

Not to be take literally,
This poem is just for fun,
We are citizens of India,
Proud of our Nation!

The country of Economic Problems,
The country of Social Tensions,
Price-rise, poverty and Unemployment,
All the pains, of a Developing Nation!

Every year there are Elections,
O! World’s largest democratic Nation!
Every field is dominated by Corruption,
This is the general public opinion.

The mixed Economy of the Nation,
Leads to Black-marketing and Adulteration,
Some other problems are Dacoits and Terrorism,
Inside the country, exist many Virrapan!

Due to the Faulty Central Execution,
There are many disasters and destruction,
Government unable to provide protection,
And to add, India’s weak Jurisdiction!

Scientists try to bring revolution,
By out-dated Invention!
Just Reverse Engineering methodologies,
Hardly any Innovation!

Among other problems we have
Pollution and Population Explosion
Giving birth to more children
Has become a Fashion

In India Nationalism is missing
In cricket we have got Match-fixing.
Technology in sports is lacking
And we opt for Foreign Coaching.

Problems that Indians often face
Are the floods,the droughts and earthquakes
Everyone says “Its India!”
And “Nothing can be done!”

Among every 100, 90 are dishonest,
Hence truly said, India’s the best!

P.S.: I wrote this poem in my High-School i.e. in 2003-04. It’s about the problems of India as a Nation.Its full of sarcasm so I apologize if anyone's sentiments are hurt.

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