Friday, November 26, 2010

Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra (part 1) - An Aasthik’s journey to Real Happiness!

People these days are surprised by my behaviour. A few of them have seen the transformation and the pain I went through, fewer have felt & experienced it with me. But most of you wonder and often ask, why is Vishal so happy these days? Why is that, he isn’t bothered by things that used to affect him? How’s that he’s smiling without reason?

A few of them have come to me seeking solutions for their own problems. I just share my experiences and share what I have learnt and what I continue to learn. Those who had faith in me and in the processes tried it and got the benefits, while others did not. The point is -  everyone has his or her own way of learning things. Theirs isn't the same as mine, nor mine as theirs. But we're all in search of our destinies, and I respect them for that.

So you would be wondering how that is related to Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra, right? The thing is it all started with it. My Dream to conduct a National Level event with the presence of Director of Microsoft in our Campus got Sparks and then finally burnt. It turned out to be a pyre for my most treasured dreams! Just like Magic, everything disappeared! I was left with nothing. But then… the real ‘Yatra’ began.

The answer is simple - I am happy because I don't live in either my past or my future. I'm interested only in the present. If you can concentrate always on the present, you'll be a happy man. You'll see that there is life in the desert, that there are stars in the heavens, there is goodness in everyone around you,  and that friends fight because they are part of the human race. Life will be a party for you, a grand festival, because life is the moment we're living right now.

I realized that there is a language in the world that everyone understands, a language that I had used throughout the time when I was trying to improve things in my personal relationships. It is the language of enthusiasm, of things accomplished with love and purpose, and as part of a search for something believed in and desired.

I am still learning a lot of new things. Some of them are things that I had already experienced, and weren't really new, but that I had never perceived before. And I hadn't perceived them because I had become accustomed to them. I realized: If I can learn to understand this language without words, I can learn to understand the world. And I continue to do so.

I learnt that ‘The Secret’ is here in the present. If I pay attention to the present, I can improve upon it. And, if I improve on the present, what comes later will also be better. I decided to forget about the future, and live each day according to the teachings, confident that God loves his children. Each day, in itself, brings with it an eternity! 

These days, I have the same feelings as expressed in the last stanza of the song ‘Yuhi Chala chal rahi’ from ‘Swades’:
मन  अपने  को  कुछ  ऐसे  हल्का  पाए
जैसे  कंधों  पे  रखा  बोझ  हट  जाए
जैसे  भोला  सा  बचपन  फिरसे  आये
जैसे  बरसों  में  कोई  गंगा  नहाए  
खुल  सा  गया  है  ये  मन
खुल  सा  गया  हर  बंधन
जीवन  अब  लगता  है  पावन  मुझको  

जीवन  में  प्रीत  है , होंठों  पे  गीत  है
बस  येही  जीत  है  सुन  ले  राही
तू  जिस  दिशा  भी  जा, तू  प्यार  ही  लूटा
तू  दीप  ही  जला, सुन  ले  राही!


  1. As a matter of radical honesty, this post has been inspired by the book 'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho.

  2. My Love, My intelligence, my image in the MSP community, my club, my health etc etc they all disappeared :)