Monday, December 20, 2010

A child’s prayer.

In India they say – “बच्चे भगवान का रूप होते हैं” i.e. ‘Children are manifestations of GOD’. Sometimes children really make you wonder by their simplicity, their humble nature and by their honesty – how true the saying really is.

Recently I was in Nagpur with my family after a long time. We left for a trip to nearby temples. We visited Sai Temple. Aadsa, Jaamsavali, Tajjudin Darbar etc etc. In the Astha Vinayak temple, my sister (8 years old) and my cousin(9 years old) were very excited to find a 4 feet statue of a ‘Mooshak’, the divine transport of Lord Ganesha. Few people believe that if you want any of your wish to come true, you just whisper it into the Mooshak’s ears, he conveys the message to Lord.(Approaching the personal assistant is a traditional Indian system!) My sister and my cousin were doing that.

After sometime, my maternal aunt told us what my cousin had wished for and it was something really amazing. We were all amazed by her wish. It was selfless, it was simple and it was divine. How selfless can you be? Recently I came across a statement that read, ‘Every single person is selfish, the difference lies in the definition of self’. I thought she would have asked for the whole family or her parents, a selfless wish right? But she made me realise what Devotion really is!

Imagine that you knew you’ll be given whatever you’ll ask… what would you really ask? Money? Job? Satisfaction? Peace of Mind? King Solomon and David asked for Wisdom, so do most of the Hindu prayers, the Sanskrit Shlokas and the Mantras ask for. However, my cousin was different. 

She asked – “Hey Mooshak! Please ask Lord Ganesha to take care of himself and other Gods (deities) to take care of themselves!”

What a wish! What a prayer!

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