Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Pieces of My Life(part 2) - Aasthik's Trip to Shirdi.

Note: This post was written by me on 17th October 2010. All thanks to Windows Live Writer which helped me write and save this post.

As I am writing this post, I am in a train 8030 Shalimar-Lokamanya Tilak Express. The train in which I had my ticket booked, was running late by approximately 16 hours. And this train is late by 13 hours. My whole schedule and plan had been compromised. So I had to get the permission from Station Manager to continue my journey in this train. Once again this journey has been amazing (despite the troubles!). Its funny however that I end up on Shalimar often, although I have confirmed tickets in some other trains. Once again, today this is the case. Its surprising I am got for interviews at major corporations, but I am not at all feeling like I am going for the interview. All I care about is my trip to Shirdi.

Its 02:00 Hrs and I hope to reach ‘Manmad’ a station near Sainagar Shirdi in the next 3-4 hours. From there I need to take a Train/Bus/Bolero depending on the situation which as of now I am not aware of. Then I plan to visit Shani Shinganapur too. And then I need to get back as fast as I can to SNSI (a new station in Shirdi recently opened by Indian Railways) to catch the train at 5 evening on the very same day.
साईं नाथ[Lord Sai]!  I had faith, I had feelings but I never knew why he is so special and why am I so attracted to him. Another passenger who got down in SriGaon answered my query. But I never asked him that question! I had asked Lord to give me that answer. He said - "Sai baba is the only Prophet in Kalyug who represents Union of all religions". Sai Baba has expressed the union in one simple statement - “सबका मालिक  एक!” - which means 'There is only one Lord'. I wonder how simply he puts the ultimate answer in just three words!!

Last year I remember at this time, I was in Sai Temple in Durg Road along with Neha. Its amazing how things have turned out to be. It was she, who had requested me to take her to that temple. I was a devout but for me Ganesha was everything. It was she, who incepted the seeds of devotion to Sai Baba.

Although, she doesn’t want talk to me anymore (which has a very complex story behind it) I guess its all because of her that I am going to Shirdi today. A fellow passenger said – “जब तक उसका बुलावा नहीं आता यहाँ कोई नहीं आता. बहुत किस्मत वालों को मिलता है उनकी समाधी में माथा टेकने का मौका”. He meant - "You come only when Lord wishes and invites you. Only the lucky ones get chance to bow to his Samadhi". And that takes me back to the song “Shirdiwale Sai Baba” from the movie Amar Akbar Anthony – “चले आते हैं दौड़े जो खुश किस्मत हैं थोड़े” which means "Few, who are fortunate enough, come RUNNING to Lord's Place!" For last couple of months I have been fasting each thursday , in the name of Sai Baba. It has given me strength and taught me a lot of stuff about fasting, the science behind fasting and its advantages. I choose to believe that I have earned this दर्शन [Visit]by my भक्ति [devotion].

Earlier I used to ask questions first and then believe in things/phenomena. Today I believe first and questions are answered automatically in some way or another. I understand today what “Faith” or “श्रद्धा” means. Sai Baba is associated with two words ‘श्रद्धा’ meaning Faith and ‘सबुरी’. As of now I never thought of what सबुरी means, but I know tomorrow I am going to find out.

This is been an amazing journey. And I still need to continue it along my way to Bangalore, Hyderabad, Nagpur then back again to BIT Mesra!

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