Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why Mr Electron, why? Why so Negative?? (part 4)– Say No to Negativity.

NOTE: This post is a sequel to Understanding Negativity, Understanding Origins of Negativity and Understanding effects of Negativity.

In the previous post I have discussed the Negative effects of Negativity, and so we learned that it’s necessary to say ‘NO’ to negativity. The question is how to do that?

To say know to negativity we need to learn to Manage Negativity. Manage the expression of our emotions. We need to learn to Relax! I refer you to the book Oh! Mind Relax please! by Swami Sukhbodhananda.  And all that requires practice.

Other thing one can do is to invest time in positive thoughts. Keep ourselves busy. Doing good for the people around you. Helping friends and if possible to a limit – help strangers as well. And all you’ll be thinking about is positive thoughts, emotions and feelings. Every time you are bugged by Negativity turn on a beautiful Music, do something – anything that interests you. You can also practice Antah Maun.

And then you’ll finally see that our dear Mr Electron is no longer Negative. He’s happy and positive just like you!

This figure reminds me of the figure of Rudraksha in Hindu Mythology. So much similarity… coincidence? What say friends?


  1. yeah pretty much there'll always be something positive in every negative.
    N thts our quest in this world. to make the best of all the positives.