Thursday, December 9, 2010

Why Mr Electron, why? Why so Negative?? (part 1)– Understanding Negativity.

After my experience with the post ‘Einstein’s success formula' ‘and ‘Keeping your mouth shut!’, I knew that a series of posts in continuum is always better. I have been thinking of writing this post for a long time. Finally, the time has come. I  know I have acted negatively in situations often and wondered why? I know many people have done this at some point in life. I wanted to know who is responsible for it.I wanted to bring the culprit to light. I wanted to bring the culprit to justice! And here I am…

So how do we describe an electron – “A negatively charged particle orbiting the nucleus” , right? And how do we usually see it in our science text books, or rather how do we visualize it? I visualize it somewhat like this:

A sphere with a negative charge. However, we know that the number of electrons and protons are same in any atom. We are of-course made of matter and hence, we are made of equal amount of negative and positive charge. However, proton does not take part in day to day activities, for example all the chemical reactions occur due to interaction of electrons alone. Since electron is negative and most active, isn’t it obvious for us to act negatively often? Doesn’t that mean that Negativity lies in our nature?

You know what the funny part is? We act negative sometimes… and it has nothing to do with electrons. Simply because, they actually are NOT NEGATIVE! It’s just a nomenclature used by Scientists to distinguish between two kinds of charges. They called protons – ‘positive’ and electrons – ‘negative’. They could have called it otherwise too. There is absolutely nothing wrong with electrons. Still the poor fellas  carry the burden of being Negative!

My study of scientific theories, discoveries and experimentation tells me, there is nothing fundamentally NEGATIVE about us… neither in the body nor the mind, nor the environment, nothing for that matter. But we still talk about Negative Emotions, Negative Thinking, Negative Thoughts… I wonder where does this Negativity creeps in? And where does it come from?

Ever wondered what is the origin of Negativity? Wanna know? Carry on with the next post wherein I explain the origins of Negativity! Click here to go to the next post.


  1. I'd just like to say it's simple emotional behavior of individuals averaged out to form a consensus.

  2. I have always been a fan of yours for your knowledge of English.. you always make me reach for the Dictionary, in the process I learn something :)

  3. Gone here just to get an fine image of "how somebody can imagine the electron" and.. well, I was forced to read your article. Very accurate sight on science :)

    1. @Zafrin.
      Thank you for taking time to read the article and providing your valuable feedback :)

      I just hope you read the whole series, and not just this post. This post is just 1st of the 4 articles on Electron & Negativity.