Thursday, January 6, 2011

How to handle foes and critics?

Simple – Just Keep on shining!

A judge was campaigning for re-election. He had a reputation for integrity. He was a distinguished and honourable gentleman of no small charity. His opponent was conducting a vicious, mud-smearing, unfair campaign against him.

Somebody approached the judge and asked, “Do you know what your opponent is saying about you? Do you know he’s criticising you? How are you going to handle it? What are you going to do about it?” The judge looked at his counsellors and his campaign committee and calmly replied – “Well, when I was a boy I had a dog. And every time the moon was full, that hound dog would howl and bark at the bright face of the moon. We never did sleep very well during those nights. He would bark and howl at the moon all night.” With that the judge concluded his remarks.

“That’s beside the point”, his campaign manager impatiently said, “You’ve told us a nice story about your dog, but what are you going to do about your critic?”

The judge explained, “I just answered you! When the dog barked at the moon, the moon kept right on shining! I don’t intend to do anything but keep right on shining. And I’ll just ignore the criticism, as the moon ignored the dog. I’ll just keep right on shining! Quietly, calmly, beautifully!”

Remember that my friends! It might give you courage to sail – to strive for the top and not worry about what people say whether you succeed or you fail.

There’s an old Hindi proverb – “कुत्ते  भौके हज़ार, हाथी चले बाज़ार” which means – ‘Even when a thousand dogs are barking, the elephant walks his way unbothered. For he knows his strength and what he is capable of!’

"When someone calls you a Donkey.... just don't kick them and prove them right" - Sri Sri Ravishankar.

 "Success is a journey... during that journey there are stones thrown at you, and you convert them to milestones!" - Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.


  1. sometimes i feel it's easier to write, preach philosophical thoughts but then when you're put in very same situation , we don't seem to do it.

  2. Yes. I do agree, it's easier said than done. However, if we practice, we can do it. I have quoted two living examples who lead by example :)

  3. @Rameez: I got a very nice example for you my friend... A practical example.. I knew somewhere down the line I'll have to implement it... din't know it'll be so soon. If you are logged into Facebook check this out: My Real Life Example!