Thursday, January 13, 2011

Success is Never-Ending Failure is never Final (Part–1)–Understanding Failure!

This post is for people, who think they've lost it all. For people who believe they can't succeed anymore. For those who at this point think that probably life is too much to bear. And this for my BIT Mesra friends who either did not get their Dream job or are still unplaced.

Intuition is one of the best gifts of GOD to mankind. There are numerous occasions where our Intuition helps us define our next move. This same intuition led me to purchase a book ‘Success is Never-Ending Failure is never Final’ by Robert Harold Schuller. Excluding Religious scriptures and literature this is the best book I have read till date. It changed my life and made me believe in my Dreams once again. It gave me a new life!

In this post I am expressing Dr Schuller’s views about Failure since I believe that an understanding of failure is of prime importance to be successful in life.
  • Failure doesn’t mean you were dumb to try; it means you had courage to explore and experiment to see what would work and what would not.
  • Failure doesn’t mean mean you don’t know how to make decisions; it just means you have to make another decision.
  • Failure doesn’t mean you are a failure… It does mean you haven’t succeeded yet.
  • Failure doesn’t mean you have accomplished nothing… It does mean you had a lot of faith.
  • Failure doesn’t mean you’ve been disgraced… It does mean you were willing to try.
  • Failure doesn’t mean you don’t have it… It does mean you have to something in a different way.
  • Failure doesn’t mean you are inferior… It does mean you are not perfect.
  • Failure doesn’t mean  you have wasted your life… It does mean you have to start afresh.
  • Failure doesn’t mean you should give up… It does mean you must try harder.
  • Failure doesn’t mean you’ll never make it.., It does mean it will take a little longer..
  • Failure doesn’t mean you’re finished… It does mean you have a chance to try something new.
  • Failure doesn’t mean GOD has abandoned you… It does mean GOD has a better idea!!

So Dr Schuller has given us a new way to think. Hasn't he? And hence its true my friends, failure is never Final! Dare to try again! Dare to dream again! Don’t hesitate, because-
On the sands of hesitation,
Lay the bones of countless millions
Who at the dawn of victory
Sat down to wait,
And waiting – died!

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