Saturday, January 29, 2011

Why Lie so much? What’s the need to show-off? (especially to our own Alumni)

‘सत्यमेव जयते’ – are the words inscribed in our national emblem. The phrase means ‘Truth Alone Triumphs’. But today I see, so many-many lies and liars. People find it hard to believe and trust a colleague.

Why do we lie? What makes us lie? Why cant we simply tell the Truth? These questions have bothered me for a long-long time. My maternal aunts used to tell me – “Vishal, one should not lie. Even if you have committed a mistake, let us know”.  A small child afraid of getting scoldings and  punishment tried hard to be honest… but he could see that every one was lying to every other. Even the aunts lied amongst themselves, friends lied to teachers etc etc.

I was a pretty bad liar. I used to lie a lot and get caught. Thanks to Lord Ganesha, slowly I learnt to be bold & confident. I learnt to face the truth. However, we all lie for something or the other. I have come realize that there are some basic factors which make us lie. They are:
  • Fear of consequences of telling the truth.
  • Fear of embarrassment.
  • Egoistic Attitude which does not let you accept mistakes
  • Show-off factor
  • Fear that the listener may not be able to stand the truth
  • Defaming people
  • Self-Satisfaction.
  • To cheat people.
There is much more to the list, however, I find these were the most common reasons for lying.
Today, in our hostel for the first time, we were served 11 kinds of food items in our Hostel. This was to show-off to the alumni. May the administration wanted to fool the Alumni! Or may be they really believed that the alumni were indeed fools.

We hardly get 6 items on a NORMAL day. But when an Alumni asked – “Do you people get these many items every day”, the accompanying student representative (he who must not be named!), who was standing right beside me replied – “No sir, we get 1 item less!”. I was shocked at the reply; and it made me wonder what was the reason to lie? What was the reason to show-off? Why does the admin wanted to cheat the alumni? And more over why was the student coordinator helping the admins cheat the Alumni?

In the dining table, we were sitting with some of the very very greats of the industry. Some were Directors, some were managers. Some were in Singapore, others in Germany. They asked us - "Do you get this quality food every day? This is much better than what we used to eat in our days!". To which one of the courageous and outspoken friends of mine replied - "Sir, this is far better food that what WE ATE YESTERDAY!!"

Even the Mess Manager (who hardly shows his face), came towards the dining table and asked us (we were sitting with 3 alumni) – “How’s the food today? It is good, right?” and I answered – “Ask me this question tomorrow; then I’ll answer!”

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