Tuesday, January 4, 2011

The best way to Witness a Miracle is to Live a Miracle!

Moses was a great Aasthik. He knew he had to take the Israelis out of Egypt. However he did not know how to cross the Red Sea. Had he waited to find a solution to the problem, it would have been too late. He knew he had to leave. He believed in God and it was his immense faith that parted the waters. Rest is history. People witnessed a miracle.
Do you want to witness a miracle too? Have faith and patience, you will witness miracles! At the heart of faith is very simple principle: God never performs a miracle until you’ve committed yourself to something beyond the possibility, something beyond your own ability.

Einstein once said – “You can live your life in two ways –
  1. as if nothing is a miracle
  2. as if everything is a miracle!”
Choice is yours!

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