Thursday, February 17, 2011

Gmail Has a New Look!

I bought Tata Photon+ on 13th Jan 2011. The validity expired on 13th Feb 2011 and I was forced to use the BIT Mesra Intranet! Hell it was pain full. Imagine how would you feel if you are robbed off your Ferrari and you have to travel on a Bullock-cart for 4 days!! That is how it felt. Luckily I got my Photon+ recharged and began surfing the net.

When I opened Gmail in the non-basic HTML mode I noticed a few changes. It might have been implemented by the Gmail team earlier, still I felt the need to share this. I used 'Print Screen' option to take a few snapshots of the same.

You can see the following changes (the ones marked in red ellipses):






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