Friday, February 11, 2011

Launch of Microsoft Software & Technology Club India's Website.

Microsoft Software and Technology Club (MSTC) India's website was launched in second week of  January, 2011. Since then many changes have been made based on the feedback we have received. We have also included Practice tests to aid anyone and everyone who wants to hone their computer science skills and/or prepare for GRE/GATE/Campus Placements.

MSTC India has been established to create technological awareness in the  society and specially among students. We believe that training on  technologies is a necessity for overall  development of society.   As the Founder & Chairman, my job is to make sure that training on  Microsoft Technologies are available to the general public free of cost! 

MSTC India has affiliations with: 
  1. International .NET Association (INETA) 
  2. Global IT Community Association (GITCA) 
  3. Microsoft User Group Support Services (UGSS)
  4. Student Tech Clubs

We will soon be adding many more functionality. Please let us know if you need something else. As for the Events - we are soon gonna rock you very soon with our unconventional and non-traditional approach as we always do!

You can follow the updates on:
MSTC India Website
MSTC Facebook Page
MSTC Facebook Group
MSTC on Twitter.

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