Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Interview with MicrosoftFeed.

Being a Microsoft Student Partner has contributed a lot in making me what I am today. It has refined many aspects of my life and my personality. It gave me many things, and even took away my most Loved Possession :(.  It has taught me - Time Management, HR Management, Resource Management but the best thing it has taught me is Life Management :)

I have received some appreciation and criticism. Appreciation has kept me motivated while criticism led to introspection. Recently I was contacted by Mr Ali Raza Sheikh, a Microsoft Valuable Professional from Pakistan. He's the Founder of MicrosoftFeed in the Middle East. His team conducts interviews of MSPs and MVPs all around the world. To my knowledge, till date, approximately 40 MSPs have been interviewed by MicrosoftFeed and only 4 Indian MSPs (out of 600+).

To be honest I was happy when I came to know that he had selected me as well. I went on to read interviews by other MSPs and realized that there was something missing; they all were talking about networking and passion about technology. I believed being an MSP was much more than that, and that should reflect in my Interview.

I was happier when Ali sent me a facebook message - "Your interview has been one of the best we had! Thanks for that!"

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