Monday, March 28, 2011

Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra (part 3)–DreamSpark Patna Quiz Contests Successfully organized by MSTC India.

Today I am glad to tell you that we have successfully pulled off a couple of Amazing Contests with participants from IIT Patna and BIT Mesra Patna Campus on March 27th 2011. The Quiz contests were of-course named - DreamSpark Quiz Contes#1 and Contest#2.

We had 187 registrants of which 120+ participated – around 80 from BIT Mesra Patna Campus and around 40 others from IIT Patna. I set the questions for the two contests and registered the contestants using the list mailed to me by Devesh Kumar. Contest#1 contained 61 Questions and Contest#2 (which was more trickier) contained 34 questions. The Time-Limit for both the contests was 45 minutes.

The students then had to login and take the test. The DreamSpark Patna team made sure that the students were comfortable in the Labs where the Quiz started, and co-ordinated the test there, while I was at the St. Michael’s School for Blind performing my Paritraan duties, with my Photon+ handy to assist them in case there was any trouble.

By God’s grace there were no Internet issues or any problems for that matter. The Contests were successful – which were carried out in succession just yesterday. The responses and feedbacks from the students and the DreamSpark Patna team were amazing. And I am happy to be part of such an Initiative by a young enthusiastic team from BIT Mesra Patna Campus.

I think, now the conditions (as mentioned in Sitesh Srivastava’s Blog-post) in BIT Mesra Patna Campus will change. I also hope this was a major step to bridge the gap between the students of BIT Mesra Main Campus and BIT Mesra Patna Campus. And hopefully students there will not feel the same about our Main Campus!

This contest was organized by me under the banner of Microsoft Software & Technology Club (MSTC) India.

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