Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The need for Social Service and Initiatives like Paritraan.

Suppose you are stranded in some place and you need someone to give you a lift in their car or taxi and nobody stops their car to give you a lift, how would you feel?

You are carrying two bags and you have to go to the restroom in a railway station. You can’t leave the bags unattended and you have to go to the restroom, what will you do? You will find some nice elderly person, go to them and keep the bags with them requesting them to take care while you go for five minutes to the restroom. Don’t you need other’s help? If they refuse to help you then how can you survive? You know in this world as human beings we have to help each other and that is what service is.
 In Sanskrit Service is called 'सेवा' [Seva]. Seva means what? ‘सः’[Sa] means ‘him’ which refers to God and ‘एव:’[Eva] means ‘like him’; so 'Seva' means doing things like him.

God does so many things for you but does not expect anything in return from you. Whether you pray to him, thank him or not he will still continue to do. He is not doing you a favor. When you thank God, that is for your own joy, it does not matter to God. In the same way whether people acknowledge your work or not, whether they thank you or not you still do it because you find that it is important to do!

That's the basic ideology behind Paritraan. Its for a noble cause!

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