Saturday, April 23, 2011

Gandhigiri Part2 - Get Well Soon!

In India, we all have a small problem. We appreciate movies like Taare Zameen Par, Rang De Basanti, Chak De India and 3 Idiots. These types of movies are considered a revolution and are usually huge hits. However, we just go, watch, praise, clap and forget. We never seem to learn from these movies. If someone tries to apply these principles in life, we do not let him/her do that. We all have one explanation - "This happens only in movies not in real life!". However, I being an Engineer, believe in application. And today I am doing the same. In the name of Lord Ganesha and Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi, I am going for Gandhigiri, with a sole purpose of helping my friend to recover from a deadly disease - Hatred!

Rameez, is a very good friend of mine. Many things I know about Computers, he taught me. If you have met me personally, you know for sure, I have always appreciated him. I respect him for his talents. He has got plenty of them. A good artist, a good fiction writer, a good story maker/teller, a great video designer, a genius of computers and Counter Strike and the list goes on and on and on. However, the only problem he has is his attitude. He uses very abusive language which I do not or rather, can not appreciate. This is not what my culture has given me.

He is a true genius, a great artist, a very talented young man; but he is headed down a very dangerous road. He confided many things in me. One of which was - "I work only for money!". And so, it is imposible for him to understand that there are poeople, who, work selflessly. It is impossible for him to understand that there are people who think of the world as a family - 'वासुदेव कुटुम्बकम' is an old Sanskrit phrase meaning that we are all one family. I was with him, watched him closely. He also tends to do stupid things if he cannot achieve his aims. He doesn't care about any morality or ethical approach. Last year, when I was having problems, I realized that I was tending to become Rameez, and that is when I distanced myself from him.

He has some problems, because of which he tends to imagine things. He has problems with interpretation of facts. Last year... infront of a Prof  he told a senior - "Go to Hell, I don't care if you are a senior." And that is how, relations were spoiled with seniors. He also has habit of sending Hate mails, abusive mails not only to fellow mates but even to (BITOSA) Seniors. He is an opportunist. He is very much capable of modifying facts and presenting it in a way to prove himself right. I have seen how he works, what are his tactics and unfortunately, when I am trying to get a cure for him, he thinks of me as an enemy and is using the same tactics against me! Oh my friend!!

He could not recieve the tender love and care every one of us recieves, and so he turned into a man who thinks everyone is living for their selfish motives. There's a famous, well known and Scientifically proven fact - 'We see the world as who we are and not how it is'. Quantum theory has proven that the Universe can not exist without the mind! [Ref: Documentary - What the bleep do we know!]

And so, with all my heart, I am praying for him, to my Lord - call him Ganesha, call him Rama, call him Jesus, call him Allah, call him what ever you like. But please pray for this friend of mine. He really needs our prayers.

Thank you Rameez Bhaiya

Children thanking Rameez

Get Well Soon Rameez!

I really wish you get well soon.

Children thanking and praying for Rameez

We also prayed that you clear all your backs and F* and do not become a Baba. Get Well Soon Rameez.

So my friends and anyone who's reading this, lets all of us pray for him. If he gets well, and starts using his talents positively, he will be the most appreciated and loved person anywhere he goes.

P.S. The bat was donated to the School by the Paritraan team as a part of my  Gandhigiri & Social Service Campaign. And since Rameez has been the person with most contribution the children are thanking him!

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