Sunday, April 10, 2011

Best Project Award - Guide was the judge!

Its been long since I wrote the last post (not counting my B'day post). I wasn't sure what to write so I am sharing a funny (& inspirational) story that I came across in one of the inspirational books I read. A very successful Architect was asked about how he felt after being awarded the Architect of the Year award by the Government for his buildings. He replied it in a very polite way - "I feel really good about it. Most of my buildings are based on a model I designed in High School for a school competition. And I would like to thank three people, for this award - God, my Guide and my Competitor's Guide."

The journalists did not understand his statement. Obviously they did not know the history (behind the model), so they asked him, "Why do you want to thank your Competitor's Guide? Was he such a nice person to help you as much as your guide?". The Architect smiled and said - " My Guide was one of the best teachers in the school and was an honorable man. My competitor's guide was nothing like him. The School-mates recognized him as the most egoistic, self-boasting selfish man. That year we had a model-design competition." An enthusiastic reporter interrupted- "I am sure you won it. Didn't you?"

The Architect continued - "Quite the opposite! I lost!". The reporter couldn't help but say- "But how is that possible, your design had been awarded the best by the Government! And how did you feel then? You must have hoped for getting the award!"The Architect said, "No. I wasn't hoping to win the award, not at all. Because I knew beforehand that I would never win that competition; simply, because my competitor's guide was the judge! And I wasn't in best of terms with him.  Moreover, this competitor's guide had boasted that his students have been winning this competition for the past 2 years and he wanted to have a hat-trick! He even told his students - 'You know,If you win you'll get $200; what you don't know is - if you win the competition, I'll give you another $100. I just want to make a hat-trick.' And of-course when you bet on a horse, you want it to win, don't you? He did exploit the opportunity when he got to become the judge!"

The reporter queried further - "Sir, how could a guide be the Judge? I don't understand. And there should have been a panel of judges, right?". The Architect smiled and said, "My guide was first offered to be the judge. He politely refused telling the school administration that it would be unfair if he's judge because he had 3 of his own teams participating in the competition. He requested for external judges. The Administration also promised him that only external judges will be allowed for the competition. However, the Head of the Administration was  a diplomat and there was no one to challenge his authority. Moreover, the competitor's guide was  a boot-licker! He somehow got to be the judge with another teacher, who too had his team participating for the same competition. There was no panel, just the two of them!" 

Another reporter asked - "How did you feel then? Didn't your Guide help you?". The Architect said - "Like I said, my guide was the best teacher and an honorable man. I told him I did not want to participate in the competition. I was even thinking of boycotting it. I was angry. My guide tried to calm me down and said - 'Dear Robert, 5-10 years from now I see you winning many awards. This is the best model by any student I have seen in my career. Don't feel bad about not winning the competition. Just go and present your work.' "

The Architect continued - "I told my guide, 'Sir,  I know what the result is going to be. What's the use of participating,?I can't control my anger over the partiality done to me. How am I going to suppress my anger and still talk about the injustice and the partiality.' "

"And" said the Architect, "all my guide replied was - 'Robert, whenever you have to talk about it, you just need to mention only 4 words and nothing more - GUIDE WAS THE JUDGE. People who are intelligent enough, will understand.' "

The reporter said - "That's fine. However, I still don't understand. The other guide did nothing but create problems for you and discourage you! And you still want to thank him?"

"Oh!", came the fast reply, "Its really simple. It was because of him I worked harder and applied the same model in my latest designs and I not only won this Award, but created some real beautiful buildings. Had I won that school competition, I might not have done it. And today I made my guide proud and I also proved that I lost that competition simply because GUIDE WAS THE JUDGE! I knew TODAY would come -



  1. Excellent presentation....thoroughly enjoyed !!!! and yeah i understood it too.

  2. @Shiv: You ought to learn from it. Might be your future too! Though I would wish it never happens to anyone ever again!