Friday, April 22, 2011

The Heroes of my Life! (part1) - Shahzor Khan.

I’ve learnt a lot in the past one year. As a result I have grown stronger and better. One of the qualities that I have tried to improve upon, is Gratitude.This is going to be a series of blog posts about people in my life who are real-life Heroes. There’s no order, its all just random.

Its not that I did not have it before. I had it, all I am trying to say is that I’ve become better at it. I would have provided the link to my older blog at Windows Live Spaces but unfortunately it was deleted as I forgot to migrate it to word-press! The first Gratitude article I posted was Thanking the Gems where I thanked a lot of people including Arjun Goyal, Prof. Abhijit Mustafi, Swetha T, Prof K K Patnaik and a few juniors.

Some MSTC Session 2009

So once again, I would like a thank one person, who’s been with me before the inception of MSTC at BIT Mesra and is with me till date. He is none other than Shahzor Khan. We were coding partners for long, three years or so. Won many competitions together. Attended many conferences and seminars together; conducted many HOLs, Sessions, Lectures etc.

I openly accept that we had our disagreements in the past. Simply because we have totally different approach to life; a different style of working. Shahzor is calm and composed. I am the one who’s in a hurry, ready to get involved head-on with any kind of obstacles.

DSY 2010

In my last one year, I have been observing people around me. And I could not help but notice the similarities between Sachin Tendulkar and Shahzor Khan. Both of them have a powerful sub-conscious mind. Just like Tendulkar remembers every dismissal with accurate details, I often hear him say – “Vishal, this is the function/algorithm to be used.” When I ask him how he remembers his usual answers are –

  1. ”Sir told in class.”
  2. ”Don’t you remember? Jaison bhaiya told so!”
  3. ”I used this in the last contest”
  4. ”Hey you only told me that. You forget everything!!”

Also, he’s focussed just like Sachin. He’s a dedicated fellow. The only demerit he has is his Lazy nature. He’s an example of what Sun’s rays can do when focussed at one point!

1st DSY 2011

He was there in the first MSTC Session. He was there with me on the internship trip (though he got it I dint). He was there when all hell broke loose last year. He stood with me. He was there in Keshri’s Sir DataStructure Workshop series this year. He was there in the MSTC Sessions, in the two DSYs we conducted in Ranchi. He was there in the last Online Contest, he was there in this Online contest. And he continues to be with us. I am really very lucky to have a genius by my side. Shahzor made me realize that Dr Robert Schuller was 101% accurate when he said – “In order to achieve success you need to work with people Smarter than yourself!”

Most of you know all that I posted, but what you don’t know is he was the first person I met in BIT Mesra. We were together filling our admissions form. Our application forms were not getting accepted. Since I had come from NIT Raipur, I did not have a Transfer Certificate yet. Shahzor on the other hand had only 4 subjects in his board exam. As per Aligarh University, if you clear language in 11th you don’t have it in 12th. The irony is that he was the opening ranker in AIEEE, but the Prof there wanted all 5 subjects! The Prof just wouldn't listen!!

DSY 17th April 2011

The other Prof was cool. I went up to him and he agreed. I did not know Shahzor then, neither his rank, but I was listening to his conversation. I walked upto him and told him to meet the other prof, and that worked. (Shahzor was wearing a cap, and looked really different!). I did not know that this butterfly effect is going to give me a beautiful relation. Lord works in mysterious ways.

I just love that smile of Khan Baba :)

So thanking him for being with me. And I feel BIT is proud to have a student/alumnus like him. If you have attended his sessions/seminars, you should be thanking him too!


  1. Proud to be his bro. Not because of the stuff u wrote but becoz he have such gr8 friends as u. And its really great when a person appreciates some one else. Vishal u have been truly inspiring for me too, but one point of contradiction with me too, is ur head on colliding nature with problems as u may notice if under estimated they can harm u dearly. May the almighty bless u with happiness, peace and prosperity in life and hereafter.

  2. @Shahbaz: Thank you bro for your wishes. :)
    While I know that my nature of taking things head-on sometimes harms me dearly, it really makes life exciting and sometimes teaches good lessons.

    Well, I feel that being an Engineer is not just about developing some software or a machine. Its about solving life's problems, its about serving your nation with the skills that one has acquired, and one must stand up against the wrong-doings even if it hurts! Because being an Engineer is a responsibility :)