Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Heroes of my Life(part2) - The 2K8 People!

Well, man is a social animal. He can not survive in isolation. He needs company. Company of caring and loving friends. I have always thought of a Senior-Junior relationship as brother-sister or brother-brother relationship. If you are my Junior you know I always ask to call me Bhaiya rather than Sir.

Also, if you are going to achieve something, you need  a team. A team which is full of enthusiatics and dedicated people; a team full of committed people working hard towards a common goal. And you need the support of batch-mates, seniors as well as juniors.

I am glad to have support of many people from 2K8. And today its my turn to thank three of them. They are-
  1. Swetha T
  2. Neeharika N
  3. Akash Mukherjee

Swetha, Neeharika and Akash in DSY 17th April 2011

So, lets thank each on of them one by one. First, I would like to thank Swetha. The most elegant girl in BIT Mesra. She picks up my calls everytime, with a nice greet 'Hello, Bhiaya'. If she's in class she sends a SMS which reads - 'I am in class what can I do for you, Bhiaya?'. If she can not pick my calls for some reason, she'll always call back. Thats the right attitude. She really works hard. If I am not mistaken, she has already got internship in GoldmanSachs, and still the humbleness she has, is amazing.

Swetha receiving the Organizing Team Certificate from Keshri Sir in DSY 17th April 2011

Swetha welcoming our Chief Speaker Mr Amit Bansal
 in DSY 2011 on 17th April.

MSTC has given me bitter-sweet memories. I have made many friends and lost a few of them. More often than not, it was the result of some mis-understanding. None was at fault. You may call it destiny.

But in Swetha, I really got a gift from God. Its not that she just calls me Bhaiya. I really believe her to be my sister. She is one great soul. She was there with us in the first MSTC session and she continues to be with us. She has great potential and I wish her a bright future.

Coming to Neeharika, well, she's much like Swetha. Most of the times I did not have direct contact. All I do, is inform Swetha and ask her to tell Neeharika. I know not what to say to her (in this post). Though she has her individual personality, but otherwise she's a replica of the good characters Swetha posesses. She's been there with MSTC all times.

Neeharika receiving the Organzing Team Certificate from Keshri Sir

Well, I owe a lot to my 2 sisters. They have been a source of inspiration and motivation. I wish them a very bright future.

Neeharika and Swetha in my B'day Party 2011

Now its time to introduce to you, the most sweet and humble character of 2K8 batch. Yes my friends he is none other than the Xingil creator Akash Mukherjee.

Akash in DSY 2011

If you thought that Cute and Sweet boys are fiction, you need to meet Akash. He hardly speaks, usually he nods his head. But whenever he speaks, he speaks very softly. He too, has been a victim of my short-tempered nature. But still, he showed me all the respect and love a younger brother would. I really appreaciate his humbleness.

Akash, with Zeeshan and Ayush in DSY 17th April 2011

He has been with us since the beginning of MSTC and he continues to be with us today. I really appreciate his contribution and wish him all the best for his future.

Akash in Some MSTC Workshop in 2009

So this was my gratitude to people who have contributed a lot of the technical awareness in BIT. You should be thanking them too! 2K8 people, you just rock!!


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