Thursday, April 21, 2011

My answer to all the Criticism - GandhiGiri!

“For every (fake & hate) Facebook account/event/page created, I’ll donate a book to the Library. For every single hate comment/post I’ll do 10 minutes of Social Service!”

Well, most of you know that there are some people, who are trying to defame me. They have created hate pages, events, fake profiles. Their walls are full of criticism and abuses. They know that the only weakness I have is my short-tempered nature. Initially I too, replied to some of their comments. Then I realized they are trying to use exactly the same tactics used by some people last year. This was done to stop the DreamSpark Yatra from taking place in BIT Mesra. I feel sorry that the so called future-engineers believe in rumours very easily. I wonder if they loose all their grey matter in class-rooms.

I wonder why those people are doing it? May be coz they have nothing better to do. In Hindi there’s a famous proverb ‘खाली दिमाग शैतान का घर'. Which means ‘An empty head is Devil’s Home!’. Also, as one of my idols  and former MSP, Danish Chopra told me just yesterday – “The thing is…they are jealous…when you do things that people don’t, they criticize..and that is where you get to rise.”

According to my private survey. These people are spreading the news that-
  1. I publicize too much!
  2. I claim to be the best!
  3. I try to show-off!
 And I feel sorry that these people think that way. The only reason I put up pics is to encourage others to the the noble work of Paritraan. That’s how people become aware. That’s how they join and collaborate. Why do you think every religious group has a website? Why do people write blogs?

And I keep my profile updated by adding recent projects and any competition or event I conduct just coz I was told to do so by Professionals. Mr Ujjwal Kumar from Microsoft and Asst Prof Abhijit Mustafi, Dept of CSE, BIT Mesra both told me to do so. But people here are uff..!

If you have attended any of my seminars  you know I always say – “I do not claim to know everything…simply because that’ll be stupid to say. I am a learner… I am here to share the little things I know!” And still they say I claim to be the best?

Well, this is not the first time such a thing has happened. My fake accounts on Facebook have been created twice last year. Also, a CodeChef account also exists. And let me tell you now I am pretty much used to it now.

So why GandhiGiri? Simple, all this is creating a negative atmosphere. And if I will go on to fight, only the negativity would increase. I was wondering how could I convert this negative into a positive, and while I was meditating in BIT Temple (every day at 7:30 PM a group of intellectuals sits for meditation, I have been a regular for the past 4 years, and that's why I've been nick-named 'Pandit' by a few of my batch-mates!), a voice told me – “Vishal, for every hate facebook page/event/profile, donate a book; for every hate comment/post do 10 minutes of Social Service.”  I believe it to be the voice of my Conscience, the voice of the Supreme Being, the voice of the Lord. You are free to choose to believe that Vishal is crazy!

My inspiration are the following quotes-

"Love even if it hurts, Love more even if it hurts more, Love most when it hurts most...Until there are no more hurts but LOVE." -Mother Teresa

"When bad things happen to good people, they become better not bitter!" - Swami Sukhbodhananda.
"Success is a journey.. During that journey there are stones thrown at you.. and you convert them into Milestones" - Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

Unfortunately, there are people who even criticize Mahatma Gandhi, Sachin Tendulkar, Mother Teresa and Anna Hazare. Hell, they even criticize God and find faults with his creation!! Only God can help them!

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