Thursday, April 7, 2011

My B'day and How I plan to celebrate it!

Well, today is my b'day and I feel really good about it. I plan to begin to celebrate it in many ways-
  1. Firstly in the morning I would pray!
  2. Secondly at around 6:30 I would celebrate it with students of 10+2 Govt High School BIT Mesra. I got a whole box of Cadbury Dairy Milk for them!
  3. Then I would go to the Profs and get their blessings.
  4. Like always I would be writing an exam on my b'day (I have socred highest in my B'day Exams all the time, not sure about this time. The record may finally be broken for good!)
  5. Then I plan to celebrate it in Amul with some party stuff with batch-mates and juniors.
  6.  Will attend to some other work of Social Service :)
  7. Then once again will go to the temple in the divine shelter!

Hope our Profs do nothing to break my plans!

Update (Posted on 11th April 2011): Fortunately all my plans succeeded. A couple of more things could be added. I distributed sweets amongst the Profs of CSE and IT, and the Staff workers at CSE/IT Department and the Main building. I also distributed sweets for the Hostel Mess Staff of Hsotel 1.


  1. Way to Go Bro! ;)
    Have a Wonderful fun filled B'day...Its your day! :D
    Enjoy it and be happy with everyone around...
    Once again Many More Happy Returns of the day!! ;)
    Cheers! ;)