Friday, May 6, 2011

Facebook’s new style tagging in post and comments.

Facebook’s team is working hard and is constantly coming with the new & innovative ideas and strategies to provide rich user-interface.

On 10th September 2009 they announced status tagging and launched it on 14th September 2009.

Beginning 10th March 2011, Facebook provided the facility of tagging friends in comments. This was a good feature. Tagging in comments meant we could keep the conversation live and it was a good way to inform people about their involvement in the posts.

This time they have come up with a new way of tagging friends. You don’t need to use ‘@’ to tag a friend. You can directly tag them without using ‘@’.

However, there is a fundamental difference in using the two ways of tagging. When you tag with the ‘@’ tag, you can begin the name with small letters. Like if you have a friend name Himanshu, you can type @himanshu or @Himanshu. However, when you are tagging directly you need to use the exact letters Capital/Small. For example, if my friend’ name is Sujeet I have to start with ‘S’; if I start with ‘s’, it won’t work.

So take advantage of this feature, as it saves some time. Also you might want to be careful about accidently tagging your friends when you don’t want to!

Don’t be a ‘dumb’ facebook user. Don’t either be ‘just’ a facebook user. Be an aware facebook user.

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