Friday, May 20, 2011

Words and their placement make a lot of difference!

If you have read ‘About me’ in my Facebook or Google or blogger profiles you know that I am interested in Research in Human Brains and Psychology. I had been taking some days off by doing nothing, and in that nothing I was analysing a few human behavioural patterns. The activities did nothing but reinforce my previous conclusions about Prejudices and taught me a great deal about how words make a difference.

I went through the ‘About me’ on my Facebook profile again and read the first line-

“To know me better check out: …”

Now what I actually meant was – “Hey pal, if you really want to know about about me, who I am , what I do, what I am interested in.. it is all available at this link –

However, some people may interpret it as – “To know me; better check out – ” which seems that- “Hey you there! Go and check out this link. It will let you know who I am!” Of-course it looks to the person that I am an egotist!

When I saw that, I was bewildered. I really never thought that it could mean that!

I was surprised to see that a simple comma could make such a difference. Then I changed it to To know me better, check out.  I still felt that something was missing, then when I filled it up with another marvellous word, it finally looked worth reading- “To know me better, please check out …”

Indeed words and their placement makes a lot of difference!

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