Thursday, June 23, 2011

Its been long….

Yes, its quite sometime now that I posted a blog-post or even had any REAL activity on the internet especially on the Social Networks. 20 days seems like 20months to an Internet Addict like me! Actually I have been kind of busy with the Samsung’s New Employee Orientation Program and finding new home (a room actually) and shifting the luggage.

I met many new people, most of them are fresh graduates from reputed colleges of India.They are all really cool! Striking chord with some of them, I’ve made new friends too.

Its been a nice experience so far except for the fact that I had been undergoing treatment for an infection (that had grown a lot) since the day I joined Samsung.

We are having a good time here, but its our last night at Country Inn, where we had our initial 10 days of accommodation. Tomorrow I’ll be moving in to my new home –  a single room – very close to Samsung’s Office.

Kudos to the Samsung’s HR Team and Management for such a nice experience. Hopefully, I’ll get time to write more about my experience here in the coming weekend.

Please keep mailing me your feedbacks like some of you have always been doing. It inspires me to share more, to do more, to do better. Comments would also be fine Smile

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