Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Samsung Experience (part 2)– New Friends!

This post belongs to the series of blog-posts titled "The Samsung Experience". It contains my experiences as an employee of Samsung's Software Engineering Lab.

In the first post I mentioned in brief about some of the fun activities we carried out as a part of Samsung’s New Employee Orientation Program; in this post I’m going to mention about a few other things especially about my new friends Smile.

To begin with, since all the employees are freshers – either from BE or BTech or MCA, its really a young bunch of people… almost as as if we are in a new college. The induction program has been going on in Country Inn & Suites, Sahibabad. Tomorrow its going to be the last day there, as we will be leaving for Mussoorie for a 4 day trip. The real job will being from 5th of July.
Now, most of us are excited about the trip, while a few thinking of skipping it for a break or for other reasons.

The environment during the Seminars and the presentations by various teams are college-like, i.e., to say - boisterous some times, a few teases, and a few comments as well.

A few of the MCA people, who have already done their internship at Samsung are very knowledgeable… they have 6 months of experience and that matters a lot. They often help us (I especially have got a lot of help Winking smile ) with some doubts regarding job and even accommodation. Manish Jindal, Lakhvir, Raju, Pankaj (to name a few). are fun to be around. So are others – Piyush, Prashant, Shrimoy, Naresh (Baba), Naresh (Ghajini), Piyush, Mukesh, Prasun, Nayan, Narsimhananda, Prashant etc. To name a few others I came in contact with, are – Sameer, Jaydeep, Abhinav, Deepti, Neha, Ritika, Shailja, and Shruti.

I was surprised to find an old classmate from Jain College and Bangalore Academy of Specialized Education (BASE) – Vikas Also, a few others had attended the sessions I delivered at Microsoft DreamSpark Yatra Patna. Obviously,  its comfortable with people you know or you have met earlier. It’s the Oh! Its You!! – feeling, isn’t it? Winking smile (best understood by Samsung Joinees who attended the Soft-Skills Session).

To conclude I feel Awesome in the company of my new friends.


  1. Hi Aasthik ,Can you explain about work environment of Samsung india.

    1. Samsung India is a very big thing to begin with. It has 3 R&D Centers in Delhi Noida Bangalore. 1 Design R&D Center 2 Factories 30+ Sales and Marketing Offices and much much more.

      So I don't know you're interested in which business unit of Samsung India Electronics.

      I work for the youngest of the R&D Centers called Software Engineering Lab. This R&D center specializes in the R&D of Smartphones and Featuresphones and tablets.

      I find it to be a great work place. Views differ. It depends on what your expectations are. Every organization has pros and cons. But in North India SEL India has no competition.