Friday, June 24, 2011

The Samsung Experience - Part 1 - The Beginning

This blog post is first in the series of blog posts titled - The Samsung Experience.

The Samsung New Employee Orientation Program is going on, and its truly amazing. 10 days have passed and a few remain. During the orientation, we had to perform some activities. Once it was to check the creativity and team-work. People were randomly divided into teams and asked to come up with a name.

For that our team 'PUNCH' planned a musical play which also involved some poetical lines composed in a haste (10mins to be exact). And so these are not so good lines. This poem is dedicated to all the Samsung Freshers and Samsung HRs and the New Employee Orientation Team.

The poem is about the situation when an HR is conducting a session for the Freshers-

Hello Fresehers! आज मैं HR Policies present करने जा रहा  हूँ..
ध्यान से सुनिए मैं Samsung के 'Paanch' values बता रहा हूँ!
इसके साथ ही तुम्हें एक और काम है करना....
Samsung portal पे अपने दोस्तों का referral ज़रूर दे-देना!

Queries अभी पूछ लेना; बाद में दौड़े-दौड़े आओगे!
पर team रहेगी busy और तुम मिले नहीं पाओगे...
Code of Conduct, Security Norms जो follow कर पाओगे
clear करोगे probation; Rating से Promotion पाओगे!

I know this is kind of childish but I could not come up with a better poem in a short time, not to mention that I had to prepare the songs to be played on the Keyboard.

There were many good plays by many teams. 'Modern Ramayaan' and the 'Ramdev Baba and Corruption issue' were among the best. A bit of double-meaning and Non-Veg Jokes are a hit these days. However, we were told that each team would get only 10mins. Our team tried to do our best, but 10mins was too short and the ending to our play was a bit abrupt. But as it usually happens in India, no-one sticks to the rules and the plays by the other teams were as long as 25 minutes. However when the judges decided not to declare a winnner, most of the people were happy!

Naresh played the role of KamDev baba for 'Samarpan' and he was like a professional. In our team Lakhvir was at his best with his narration.. Prasun sang well... Naresh(we had one in our team too!) aka Ghajini was excellent in acting. Sameer also did his part well. Neha and Deepti despite being hesitant did good. I am sorry that I don't remember all the names, but the bottom-line is everyone contributed and gave his/her best. Overall it was a fun event.

I am grateful to Aparna, Shilpa and Rupina Ma'm who gave us this opportunity to interact with others and get to know them better by the means of a creative activity. A few more posts will follow this in the coming days!

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