Sunday, July 10, 2011

Google’s Google’+’ (plus) a ‘-’ (minus) like Wave and Buzz!

NOTE: If you are a hard-core Google Fan, I request you to go to other blogs in which you can find appreciation; in this particular blog-post all you’ll find is Google Bashing.

Google has never fared well in the Social Networks… honestly I am sceptic about its innovations in the area. Apart from the Google Search, there’s hardly any REAL Google product that can be called innovative.

You might think of me as a fool, but you must know that YouTube, Blogger, Google Docs etc were bought by Google! Many of the Gmail features have been bought by them. Honestly I have no problem if they buy and improve, after all I am a Pro-Blogger and I love blogger for its services.

However, their R&D innovations like Buzz and Wave have been trashed somewhere. Orkut is already dead!

They have tried to copy Facebook for long, creating plugins, +1 buttons, comment boxes etc., and now they created a Facebook look-alike. It really isn’t much different than any other basic social networking site. It really doesn’t excite me.

Dear Google, you are really good at creating hypes but you are also known for not being able to live up to your hypes. Please come up with some real innovation!

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