Saturday, July 16, 2011

The reality of 101th Post - Creating my own Reality.

Recently I began writing a series - The Relationship Story series. I was imagining and writing it. However, I had a strange feeling about it. It was starting to take shape in reality. And that is why I took a few days before publishing chapter 4 of the series.

I had to make up my mind if I really wanted to publish or not. I believed in The Secret and I have been living my life with that belief, creating my own reality. However, it can make things complicated, and sometimes it does.

So, I finally decided to face the situation and its kind of good knowing that I am in control of my life. Also its time to celebrate as this is the 102th blog-post in Aasthik alone! A century of posts. That sends thrills down my spine - blogging is one of my hobbies after all.

So this post is dedicated to all the readers of my blogs and all my friends. I would welcome any comments, suggestions, appreciations or criticisms. Also, I any of you would like to contribute to any of my blogs.. he or she is most welcome. Blogger provides the facility to accommodate a 100 authors to a single blog.

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