Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Relationship stories (chapter 2) –The Gift!

This relationship story series is an attempt to write a fiction novel – basically a love story. I am using all kinds of imagination, but obviously our imagination is effected by our experiences and past life. A few of them even come from friends’ lives.

Almost all people enjoy music, but we all enjoy different kinds of music. And if you find a person with the same taste of music, you are bound to become friends and if you are already friends - music strengthens your bond! And they (the boy and the girl) had the same taste! Music was bringing them closer.

The girl was fond of music, however, she did not have any device/gadget for music. The boy was observing that all those days. He thought he should gift her that… but he knew she wouldn’t accept the gift. So he decided to apply a new kind of approach. He was looking for a chance and he got it. He quietly slipped the gift into the girl’s bag. And sent an e-mail, as an hint that it was he who put the gift there.

He wanted to make sure that the girl knew it was him, who had put the gift. So next day he told her directly. The girl said, she would not accept it and would return it. The boy had expected exactly the same reaction. He knew about girls after all, her especially. The next day she did not bring the gift back and so the boy was relieved, however the girl asked him, that he should not call or send any e-mails… the boy was bewildered. He decided he would stop sending e-mails and calling her. And so he did.

But then something happened, the third day, the girl got the I-pod and put it inside the boy’s laptop carrier. The boy was really hurt by this. But he decided not to react. Then a friend and a colleague of Abhay saw the I-pod and asked if he could have the I-pod, and the boy gave it to him. He was unaware of the story.This was being watched by the girl. The boy wanted to know if it affects the girl. After all, he had got it especially for her. It was almost the office end time.

The girl rose from her desk to leave for home. The boy was silently watching her without any response. Then he saw something, the girl’s eyes seemed like – she was deeply hurt, like she was saying – “You got it for me, how dare you give it to some one else?” or may be she was saying – “Why didn’t you try to persuade me?”. The boy really couldn’t figure it out, but his heart was telling him – he had hurt her, something he never-ever dreamt of doing.

[To be continued in chapter 3 Winking smile  ]

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