Saturday, July 16, 2011

Relationship stories (chapter -4) - The Strange Call.

This relationship story series is an attempt to write a fiction novel – basically a love story. I am using all kinds of imagination, but obviously our imagination is effected by our experiences and past life. A few of them even come from friends’ lives.

Abhay had a strange look on his face when he received that call. Sonali was puzzled - but she dint know... Abhay himself was puzzled!

The caller was none other than Abhay's former room-mate at College and one of his dear-most friends - Omi!

"Can it be? Is it happening once again??", Abhay was talking to himself. He had a feeling that he might receive this call... strangely he always knew when something like this was supposed to happen. Lost in thoughts he forgot to pick the call - it had become a missed call!

After a couple of minutes the screen on the mobile flashed. It was an SMS from Omi. It read - "I received a call from Saakshi at 1:15 AM yester-night. She wanted your phone number. However, I did not give it to her... I remember what happened last times she called. But if you want to talk to her, the number is 9798541596... "

Abhay couldn't believe what he read. He read again and then yet again. He had been expecting this similar kind of situation. Whenever he tried to start a new life... his past had always come looking for him.

He knew what he had to do. He immediately dialed the number. However, no one picked up the call. He sent a SMS and was lost in thoughts. Suddenly the screen of his mobile flashed again. It was her SMS... he wasn't able to decide if he wanted to look at it or not. But then it was her, whom he had loved more than anything and everything in his life. They had been together for over 3 years... until she had decided to ditch him for someone else. He remembered those painful days. It was all flashing before his eyes, just like all that happened just yesterday, though it had been more than a year now.

Finally he started reading the SMS.

[To be continued in chapter 5 ;) ]


  1. Your this series of posts is really fascinating!
    Only problem I feel is that these are very small pieces. Please make at around 90-100 lines atleast!

  2. Dear Sitesh, I am really happy to know that you find it fascinating. I was bored of posting serious stuff on my blog so I thought of creating this story.

    As per the length of each chapter/episode is concerned, I agree that they are short. Particularly this one. However, people these days don't have much time to read long posts. They get disheartened in the the beginning itself looking at the size of the post.

    Other reasons include tight schedule, 1st such attempt, division of chapters as a unit and KISS - I believe in KISS - Keep It Short and Sweet/Simple! :)