Monday, July 18, 2011

The Relationship stories (chapter 5) - The Return of the 'Ex'!

This relationship story series is an attempt to write a fiction novel – basically a love story. I am using all kinds of imagination, but obviously our imagination is effected by our experiences and past life. A few of them even come from friends’ lives.

Abhay finally saw the SMS. They chatted via SMS for sometime and then sent a final SMS - "Can I call you? I want to talk to you." After a couple of minutes the screen of his mobile flashed. The latest SMS from Sakshi read - "You want to talk to me?!?"

Abhay called her straight away. She picked up the call and with the sweetest possible voice said - "Hi Abhay, Aap kaise ho?". Abhay was mesemerized. After all he had fell for her mainly coz of her voice. She was the girl with the most lovely voice he ever met. He was reminded of the beginning of their relationship. It was a phone call after all. They had been phone friends. Their relationship was unlike anyother. They haven't even seen eachother when Abhay had admitted his feelings for her.  Actually he had done more than that. He had actually proposed to her. He had asked, "Saakshi, will you marry me?", even before he had said "I love you!"

Now that was unusual, but that wasn't the only unusual thing in their relationship. everything was unusual. They were in different cities from the beginning. They had a challenging relationship, after all it was a real Long Distance Relationship[will be referred to as LDR in the rest of the story]. They shared many interests and had many differences. Abhay was the one who always dreamt big, wanted to make it big, while Saakshi wanted to live a simple life. Abhay had plans of his own.

So when they started talking, Saakshi began admitting that she had been missing him and when finally she couldn't bear it any longer, she decided to call Omi. She clearly said that she remembered all the intimate moments and that she still loved him. She knew that Abhay loved him more than anything and he would still be waiting for her to return with a faith that she would return. But to her surprise things had changed. Abhay had changed too.

But talking to one-another was like rekindling the fire, after all they had been pretty close, quite intimate. They used to meet after every 2-3 months and spent hours together. Their families had come to know about their relatioship and were against it. But Abhay had already declared in the family that he would marry Saakshi and Saakshi alone. Abhay's family hated Saakshi and Saakshi's family hated Abhay. But that din't stop them. Abhay was 'Abhay' after all. One couldn't possibly imagine how relieved Abhay's family was when he broke up with Saakshi!

Talking to eachother they realized that they still shared the passion and may be the love hadn't fully died either. They could still feel the arousal in each-others voice and in the way they breathed.

However, Abhay, like the little kid he was, a pure hearted person, blurted out about Sonali and that he likes her. He could sense a little dissappointment in Saakshi's voice which she covered by her witty comments as soon as she could. Abhay had changed a lot and had become a rather flirtious boy than the serious fellow image he once had. Finally Saakshi said - "Abhay, atleast do something that makes me feel like I am talking to you. What have you done to the Abhay I knew?"

"I did not anything. You did. When you left me, the times I needed you the most, I learnt a lot about life. I changed for the better. I am a happier person now." Saakshi also told that she dropped out of medical college and had joined as a Lecturer. She was also pursuing courses privately. Abhay was quick to comment - "Madam, now you get your salary, I expect calls instead of Missed-Calls!". Saakshi no doubt was embarrased.

That night, they flirted with eachother. Abhay was happy to hear the sweetest and sexiest voice once again. He had even kept the songs she had recorded for him. Saakshi too had fallen for Abhay because of his voice and specially the talking style. Not only her, every single friend of hers had told her that they all wanted to speak to Abhay. Everyone loved his voice and talking style on the phone. Many had fallen for his voice on the phone! Saakshi had admitted this surprising fact once when Abhay was getting calls from an unknown girl - 'Kreeti Tripathi'. And he had promised her that day that he wouldn't talk to any girl she din't approve and had maintained the promise - even months after she had ditched him.

That night after a long time, Abhay was lost in the thoughts of the past. How beautiful were those three years. They used to talk so much that sometimes they had talked for 8 hours at a stretch! But Abhay knew something wasn't right. He was reminded of Sonali everytime he thought of Saakshi. He was in a dilemma. He was thinking and din't realize when he slept. In the morning when he woke up, he saw his mobile, 4 SMSs awaited him.

And he opened the SMS to read...

[To be continued in Chapter 6 ;)]

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