Monday, July 25, 2011

The Relationship stories (chapter 6) – Mr Perfect!

Abhay woke up and saw 4 SMSs waiting to be opened. 1 was from Sakshi, 1 from Omi, another from Nagma and the 4th from Sonali. He was surprised to see an SMS from Sonali, coz she had told him that she did not like receiving or sending SMS. Nagma was his best friend’s [Ali] sister and he treated her like his real sister.

Instinctively he opened the SMS from Sonali and was disappointed… it was all related to the new assignment at the Office. Reluctantly he got off the bed. He wished he had continued to sleep and live the dream, it was a wonderful dream! He cursed the alarm clock responsible to wake him up. Then he saw his notice board, right infront of his bed which read-

“Visualize the Future you want… Be grateful for what you have.. wake up with a smile!”

Seeing that, Abhay smiled. Then he visualized how he wanted his day to be. Prayed and thanked God for all that he had. He had a routine. He used to get up early, did a few Yogasanaas, exercised a bit, went to the Gym and then got ready to leave for the Office. For this he had to get-up early, which he thought was ‘Paying the price everyday for achieving a dream!’

Of-course he was rewarded for his efforts. He had developed a nice physique. He was tall 5’11’’ and well built. He had an attractive personality, a result of 2 years of hard-work at the Gym. He had visualized this look for 3 years and finally he had it, which had further strengthened his belief in the power of visualization.

He entered the office - like always - with a great posture, a heads-up look, a confident smile, and a direct gaze. He knew this was the ideal image for somebody who’s a Somebody!

Today he had to train the new comers. But he had already done that. He had visualized every move, every word he was about to say with precision. Needless to say he was a master at delivering presentations. Even in his school and college days, he was the most sought for ‘Speaker’ and ‘Host’ for majority of occasions. Today again, was his day.

He had gained the confidence, trust and support of the newbees by the end of his session. He was surrounded by them, they were all eager to ask their queries, a few just wanted to talk… he was an instant hit amongst the girls. He was smiling, after all he had visualized the current situation as well.

Popularity is good, just not all the time. When you become popular a few who are craving for it, start hating you. Abhay had faced this situation before and he knew exactly what to do. He had learnt enough. He was a fast learner and he was slowly mastering the art of Human Psychology.

Suddenly, he saw Sonali… with a not-so-happy look. He realized, she was getting jealous… after all he was surrounded by  beautiful girls! Suddenly, he felt a jerk in his pocket, he realized it was his mobile in the vibration mode. It was a call from Sakshi!

Instinctively, he excused himself from the crowd and picked up the call…

[To be continued in chapter 7 Winking smile ]


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  1. please share link for chapter 1 - 5 stories.

  2. please share link for chapter 1 - 5 stories.