Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Relationship stories (chapter 1)–The Beginning!

This relationship story series is an attempt to write a fiction novel – basically a love story. I am using all kinds of imagination, but obviously our imagination is effected by our experiences and past life. A few of them even come from friends’ lives.

Once upon a time, there lived a boy. He had a very simple life-style, always followed his heart (emotions) rather than logic. Perhaps he was inspired by Dale Carnegie's quote you might have heard of - "We are not creatures of logic, we are creatures of emotions!"

He often used to do crazy things. But his friends admired and loved him. He was one of the friendliest and enjoyed whatever he did. However, he was afraid of falling in love. He had walked that road before and was deeply hurt, so much that once he even thought of suicide… that thought was a surprise for him as well coz he was the one who had advised some of friends against the idea of suicide on many occasions.

He was determined to live simply without ever falling in love again… coz love really hurts. But then one day, he was promoted by the organization he was working for and was sent to another Branch-Office. He quickly made lots of friends, however he was stuck. He was attracted by a girl. He always hated the colour PINK; but somehow to him the girl looked prettier in pink! He loved the shine in her eyes, her style of talking, and especially her hairs.

He wasn’t sure if he was in love. But he knew certain things… like he cared for her… he was always trying to help her.. he was trying to read her. He really enjoyed being with her… He even used to get jealous whenever she was talking with some other man!

Soon, he got some opportunities and he started spending time with her. He wasn’t sure.. but his heart told him that there was some connection between the two of them and that the girl too liked him. He thought that sooner or later they’ll become good friends, as their choices matched a lot.

Everything was going fine until there was ‘The Gift!’

[To be continued in the next post Smile]

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