Sunday, July 10, 2011

Relationship stories (chapter-3)–The Unexpected turn of events!

This relationship story series is an attempt to write a fiction novel – basically a love story. I am using all kinds of imagination, but obviously our imagination is effected by our experiences and past life. A few of them even come from friends’ lives.

The boy’s name was Abhay and girl was called Sonali. The boy was a graduate from IIT Kanpur and IIM Bangalore. The girl had an MBA from Pune University. They both were in HR teams.

Its been a couple of days since the incident, however, both of them had not talked since. And it did seem like the end of the story. But destiny had something unexpected in store for them. Abhay and Sonali were put into the very same project. Their job was to train the new batch of HRs coming in. It was a catch-22 situation. They had to coordinate together.

Abhay was thinking about the situation when he heard a sweet voice calling out his name. His eyebrows raised, ears stretched, as if he wanted to make sure it was the same voice. He turned and found Sonali standing right infront of him. He couldn’t move nor could say a word. He couldn’t even greet!

”Hi Abhay, how are you today?”, the sweet voice asked.

”I…a… I am fine, Sonali. How about you?”, he replied.

”Oh! I am good too. You know about our new project right?”
“Yeah, a bit, I was thinking about just that….Sonali, I am sorry about the other day!”.

”Oh! Forget about it. It happens sometimes”, she tried to calm him down. “Lets discuss how we should proceed. I know you have lots of ideas, you always do.”

Abhay was happy to know that the matter did not turn out as worse as he expected. However, to him, this new task was a bit complicated, coz of the complications in their relationship. On the other hand he was happy too, after all he got a chance to work with her. Sonali seemed to be at ease though. They discussed for about half and hour when suddenly an unknown number flashed on Abhay’s Mobile. He picked it up and look on his face changed so much that it was too obvious for Sonali to notice. He simply left the discussion without saying a word. The call was from his past!

[To be continued in chapter 4]

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