Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The Samsung Experience (part-3) : Friends, You helped me become what I am known to you!

This post belongs to the series of blog-posts titled "The Samsung Experience". It contains my experiences as an employee of Samsung's Software Engineering Lab.
Akhil Ranjan : “Vishal, why don’t you interact with others…you have so limited number of friends… people know you, but they don’t know you as a human being...they know you for the events you conduct.”

Me : “Akhil, everyone’s not like you. Some are selfish, some are not trustworthy, I believe in living in small circle of talented & trusted friends… from whom I can learn something. You see, you have been Mr BIT, Joint Presi of Dance Club, a good Singer, a part of my own
Microsoft Software & Technology Club India

Akhil Ranjan : “How can you say that without even interacting with them… wouldn’t it be nice if you have 10 Akhils or may be even 100s…”
The conversation happened in April 2011.

This is how I used to be… an introvert, happy in my small circle of friends. What you see is a transformed me… a version 4.2 Smile

I changed myself dramatically from a serious, formal person to a fun-loving casual person just recently! Well, it doesn’t mean I did used to have fun, just that my idea of pleasure was different. I used to enjoy taking sessions as an
MSP, enjoy reading books… enjoyed being left alone!!

It was in 8th semester I came to know names of some of my classmates. Our total strength was 54, I knew around 40 people till 4th year. I used to think that I should talk to people only when I need to! I used to think, talking casually is a waste of time. I used to stay away from gossips!!

Better late than never… but I have changed for the better.  How did I do that? I really took a lot of courageous steps.. talking with girls was the biggest problem for me. But I thought this time I wouldn’t hesitate. Initially I fumbled, I still do sometimes but I understand today that it’s ‘OK’. To err is human Smile 

Now, what changed? I met you guys.. the Samsung New Joinees!! You made it almost a cakewalk for me. Every initiative I took towards opening up to you, you welcomed me with a smile. Every person I met was so jolly, it encouraged me further! And I went up to make more and more friends.

I kept observing others. Learnt from them. I learnt most about making friends by observing Harish Thanvi, a classmate from BIT Mesra and now a colleague at SEL. I also observed others for their sense of dressing, their way of communication etc etc.

I used to wear sleeveless only on my way to Gym or at night… but then I saw Rupina Ma’m wearing a sleeveless and I told myself – “Vishal you are a boy! You can wear it too!!” So I got inspired by Rupina Ma’m for the DJ Night dress which was appreciated by many. Had it been my previous self, I wouldn’t even have joined that DJ Night!

What I am trying to say here is, it is your goodness and love that transformed me, taught me how to make friends, made me what I am know to you today. What I learnt from every individual will follow soon in my blog-posts Smile

And what was my reward?? My BIT Mesra friends can’t believe that people find me funny.. they were shocked to see the feedback (the things we wrote on each-other’s back!). And then Abhishek said – “You treat everyone as if everyone is your best friend!!” But actually, its coz everyone treats me as his/her best friend!

The transformation I went through was made easy by you people. If not for you… it wouldn’t be possible at all. And I thank thee for the same!

For now.. I’ll cease to write. Enjoy your FIRST salaries my friends. We have a great time ahead…Good night!

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