Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Samsung Experience (part-4)–Not everything goes right all the time!

 This post belongs to the series of blog-posts titled "The Samsung Experience". It contains my experiences as an employee of Samsung's Software Engineering Lab.

Well, the initial days were like Fairy-tale or what we Samsunites call the ‘Honey-moon period’ Winking smile However, life and nature demand balance. Not everything goes right all the time.

The trouble began with the plans to go to Maal Road in Mussoorie. The HR team was led to believe  (the visitors and the locals) that the Maal Road is a better place than the Kempty Falls. Well, we all couldn’t figure out what was there except for an expensive market with things we can buy in any town/city. We were kind of unhappy but were still enjoying in the company of new friends.

Maal Road - Official Mussoorie trip by Samsung

Suddenly it started to rain. We had to take shelter in the local shops. The rain got heavier and heavier and we kept trying to find a better place to take shelter. Unfortunately, the rain did not stop and we had to reach for our buses. We were forced to get wet in the rain. I knew these were signs of trouble for an Asthmatic person like ‘me’. But I had no choice!!  I had to.

Lemme givya... shelter from the storm :) 

On the way me, Abhishek Goel and Niraj Kundu started shouting ‘Jai Mata Dee’. The market was abuzz by our slogans Smile.  If you want to have fun, Kundu is the man! I bought 4 books on the way and a hat. The hat was appreciated by many. I thought it would be foolish to go back empty handed. On the Book-shop I had to part ways with Kundu and Abhishek. That turned out to be a good move as I visited the ‘Sai Temple’ there Smile I was really happy. It was with his blessings that I had made into Samsung after all.

However, when I approached the bus, it was full, I had to get down for the second one. There something really unexpected happened. A few of the joinees were drunk and were smoking cigarettes inside the bus. The language and the whole environment became abusive. With no offense to anyone, I would say I do understand its their way of FUN, however, one must be careful about troubling others.

After the rain and these Smoke (which I am highly allergic to) I knew I was going to get ill. So I got cough, cold, fever, asthma problems from the next day which continues to haunt me till date. And the switching between the AC in Office and Hot climate at the room creates further problems. Its not only the temperature that varies but also the air-pressure… and its the variation in air-pressure that creates the majority of problems.

Imagine how would you feel if someone’s trying to Strangle you?? If you have Asthma, it feels the same way! And now imagine having to feel that  way for atleast 16 hours per day! Its really annoying but Asthma patients live with it.

It wasn’t just me who was made uncomfortable by the smokes and the abuses, girls were among the victims as well. But I guess, this is what life is all about. Balance, challenges, unseen troubles and how we humans face them! However, if we are a little careful and sensitive towards other peoples needs and honour their wishes life can be much more beautiful.

So its my sincere request to all, that – ‘Please make sure your enjoyment doesn’t become curse for others!’

Wet in the rain!

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