Friday, August 12, 2011

Independence day celebrations at Samsung... is it really worth it?

I am writing this post, at my office here at Samsung SEL. Today we are celebrating Independence Day here as we have holidays on 13th (Rakshabandhan), 14th (Sunday) and 15th (Independence Day).

We have done our job and my team doesn’t have much work today, especially for the new joinees. To conclude we are free to do stuff. And I can’t resist writing this blog-post. I am literally having a headache. I have a weird and sad feeling and I know I have to get it out. The best way to do it is to write it out and share with you. This celebration of Independence Day is bothering me.

First of all, its 12th of August and today is NOT the Independence Day! What kind of citizens are we? Can’t we come to Office on Monday and celebrate it? May be its Delhi and people will fo and visit the Red Fort? Is it the case really?

I think its something else. People will celebrate Independence Day sleeping at home, or may be they’ll spend 24hours just like they do on any other Holiday – say Sunday. Its an irony that we need holidays to rest and sleep rather than to reflect on what Independence Day is all about. Independence Day is meant to spark the spirit of Patriotism inside us. It’s a day where we are supposed to think where do we stand as a nation and where we are headed. But Alas! We have all forgotten the real reason for celebrating Independence Day.

Today, in office we had a competition, where we were supposed to decorate our cubicles! Some did excellently, others did just as formality. Others did not bother to do a thing! Well, people spent lots of money to decorate using clothes, boards, balloons, strings, pics, print-outs etc.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you, we were encouraged to wear ethnic dresses to represent our culture. But why don’t people realize, it really doesn’t matter what you are on the outside, what really matters is what you are from the inside!

Its not that there’s anything bad about celebrating this way, but lets see the benefits of such a celebration –
  1.  Unleashing creativity
  2.  Team Work
  3.  Feel Good, take time-off from normal work schedules.
But are these the goals of the Independence Day? Clearly not!

Why can’t we spend few minutes in the development of India as a nation? Why not teach a child? Why not feed a hungry man? Why not help the needy? Why not fund a poor person’s dream?  

I am one among those who enjoy the celebrations and festivals. I am someone who really celebrates every moment that life throws at us. I am someone who’s known for his ‘Small Treats’ on the occasions of Ganesh Chaturthi, Birth days and many other occasions. However, today I am hurt by the celebration of Independence Day, the way it is going on here. 

Whenever I celebrate any occasion, I make sure I use my time for needy. I go out and celebrate with them – wether its my B’day or Holi or Friendship Day.

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