Thursday, August 11, 2011

Launch of my New Blog - Heroes in my Life!

Hi friends!

I am glad to tell you that one of my dreams have come true. I have finally launched my new blog Heroes in My Life. The Link to the blog is

This time the Name of the Blog and the Link to the blog differs. This is because I had to convey two messages.
  1. Heroes in My Life signifies the fact that these are people have had much influence in my life. I have experienced their greatness in one way or the other. I have learnt from these Heroes.
  2. The Real Life Heroes highlights the fact that unlike any fictional hero like Superman, Batman or Cat-Woman these are people we meet in our lives. These are people you meet everyday. These are people who affect your life and inspire you to do better.

As of now I have covered only my friends from BIT Mesra and Samsung's Software Engineering Lab Noida. But I'll be covering many more in the future.

I would like you to visit the blog. Give me your feedback. But yeah, the design is not yet complete. I am still looking for a proper background image and the best theme that will suit the blog. Your suggestions are of-course welcome.

And I must warn you that you must regularly visit my blog else you may not even know when I have written about you. Moreover, you will be missing what I have written about you!

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