Tuesday, November 15, 2011

After Nokia 701 its Nokia 700 - set to rock the Smartphone Market.

A week ago, I bought Nokia 701 and I must say I am impressed. Though I plan to write a series of blog-posts about my experiences with Nokia 701 its time to write a few things about the younger brother - Nokia 700.

On November 13th, 2011, I went to meet Osama Azim, a classmate from BIT Mesra in the Atta Market, Sector-18 Noida. Its the same market where I first saw the Nokia 701. By the way, if you want to save a few bucks, I suggest you don't buy from market especially from authorized dealers. They charge much more, atleast INR 500/- to 1000/- more. You can buy your Nokia 701 or Nokia 700 from FlipKart.com or Letsbuy.com. These websites are selling stuff at comparatively reasonable prizes, and I have bought stuff from both of them.

However, I went to one of the Nokia's authorized dealers to have a look at Nokia 700. Just by holding the phone at hand, I was thinking "Why did I buy Nokia 701?" Then I realized that Nokia 701 has 8MP dual LED flash camera,secondary camera 8GB Internal Memory, Bigger Screen etc etc compared to Nokia 700's 5MP LED flash camera, 2 GB internal memory and smaller screen size. Needless to say that Nokia 701 is also the World's brightest phone in terms of nits. Its rated 1000 nits as opposed to 700nits of second raking LG Optimus.

If you have ever had a Smartphone, I want you to just check out Nokia 700. I am not suggesting you buy it, but just get a hold of it and you will be amazed. Its such a small, brilliant, light and smooth phone that you will instantly fall in love with. Nokia 700 has the same OS - Symbian Belle and same 1Gz Processor, and it feels awesome. I might buy Nokia 700 soon, if Nokia Lumia 701 or Nokia Numia 800 is delayed.

So, if you want a bigger screen and heavy gaming experience, and if you are into photography, Nokia 701 is the obvious choice. but if you want a real smartphone, with awesome features, stylish look and a very different experience Nokia 700 is the best!

Nokia 700 is one of the best gadgets I have seen, and I strongly recommend it. You can buy Nokia 700 in two colors - Cool Grey and White Silver from Flipkart.com at 16,500/- Only. If you go and look out for a Nokia dealer they'll charge more. I got my Nokia 701 at INR 16700/- while the dealer prize at Atta Market was 17,400/-

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