Thursday, November 10, 2011

My experiences with Nokia 701 (Part 1) - The Nokia Ovi Suite Install and Update Problem to connect to internet using 3G

On 6th November after two weeks of extensive research (reviewing the reviews of blogs & websites about smart-phones) I decided against my younger brother's advice (which was to buy a Android phone, preferably  a device from Samsung Galaxy series) and bought Nokia 701 - equipped with Symbian Belle and the world's brightest phone in terms of 'nits' till date.

Why I preferred it over any other device will be discussed in another post. This post is about a problem that occurred when I wanted to connect to the internet by using the 3G services of my mobile.

First of all, since the package did not contain any CDs which might have contained an installer for Nokia Ovi Suite, I was a bit confused. Actually, since the phone has an internal memory of 8GB, Nokia decided to save a few bucks by dumping the software on the device memory itself.

1. Thus you can find the Nokia Ovi Suite installer in the E:\ Drive of your phone which is referred to as 'Mass Memory' by Nokia 701.
2. You need to run the set-up.
3. Once the installation is complete, connect your device through USB and make sure your phone is in 'Dual Mode' for using 3G services (it is by default).
4. The Device Driver for the Phone will be installed followed by a connection with the Nokia Ovi Suite.
5. Click on 'Connect to Internet'

This process was quite easy and proceeded smoothly. However, after sometime the real problem began. The phone got disconnected and I tried to reconnect it. The Nokia Ovi Suite said it needed an update for further use. I let it update itself. But, it failed to update because there was no internet connection! The worst thing was the Nokia Ovi Suite has been programmed to exit, if you chose NOT to update it. This is really bad. They should have thought about it.

For update, I needed internet connection, and for internet connection I needed Ovi Suite to be connected to my device! It was a trap. I was stuck.

I needed some other internet device, but I had none. Imagine the situation. What would you do?

The idea struck me! And its simplicity was amazing. May be you have guessed it. May be not. So here are the steps to get your Nokia Ovi Suite getting updated and getting connected to the internet.

1. Uninstall the Nokia Ovi Suite.
2. Reboot the System (Preferred but not necessary)
3. Connect the device and reinstall the Nokia Ovi Suite
4. As soon as installation is complete, connect your device to Nokia Ovi Suite via USB.
5. Click on Tools -> Software Updates
6. Update Nokia Ovi Suite

So you see no you have the updated Nokia Ovi Suite 3.0 (which is displayed as 'Nokia Suite') and the internet connection you want!

I must tell you that the version 3 of Nokia Suite is much better. The Graphics and the functionality are much better than the previous version. I recommend you update your Nokia Suite ASAP.

P.S. The funny part is.... if you search (Google) for Nokia 701 or you search in the websites of major dealers you get info and image of Nokia WH 701 Stereo Headset!!

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