Saturday, December 10, 2011

Heroes in My Life (part 3) - Richa Pandey

Today I want you to meet someone special... Shreya Ghoshal!! err.. sorry Richa Pandey!

Well, its not my fault to confuse her with Shreya Ghoshal, the reason being her voice and the singer inside her. Having good voice is pretty much different from being a Great Singer. You need to understand Music - Rhythm, Beats etc. The surprising part is... she hasn't undertaken any training in Music!

She hails from Runukut in Uttar Pradesh, which is a city approximately 5 hours form Varanasi (Banaras), the holy pilgrimage of India.

Apart from her sweet voice, she has got a pretty sweet nature too. If you are talking to her, you are going to feel like long-lost friends. Even the first time it wouldn't seem like you are talking to a stranger.

I very clearly remember my first conversation with her. I was having conversation with Shreya, Ruchi and others when I was had a query. We at BIT Mesra had learnt that Oracle had visited NIT Allahabad 3 times for placements in the same season! During the conversation I wanted to make sure that the news is true. Also, I was confused if it was NIT Allahabad or IIIT Allahabad. Richa being a post graduate student was unaware of the scenario, but she quickly went to the UnderGraduate students from NIT Allahabad and found out that Oracle actually visited 4 times! Now that showed her sincerity and needless to say... I developed a kind of respect for her.

Well, like most of my 'Heroes' here at Samsung, she's pretty dedicated to her work. Still a few times I troubled her with my silly doubts and she was happy to help. The key here is that there's a difference between 'helping' and 'being happy to help'. And that's something which makes her special.

Another thing that I noticed about her, is that you can often find her in different teams trying to learn and understand different issues that are common to more than 1 team. That is one of the best qualities of a learner - 'being eager to learn' - one quality that forms the base to excel in life.

So you see, there's much to learn from a friend like her, and needless to say, she's an inspiration not only to me but to anyone who wants to excel in life.

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