Thursday, December 15, 2011

Heroes in My Life (part-4): Rajat Jain

Today I would like you to meet my friend Rajat Jain from Delhi. A graduate from Amity University, he has a lot of qualities expected from a real man. A handsome personality, dresses well – a blend of professionalism and Bindastude!

One of my very close friends in Samsung, we share the same taste in music and poetry, and of-course a similar love-story! Winking smile
He might seem to be a bit reserved and sometimes a bit confused, but is a nice fellow. The best thing about him – he genuinely cares for people.

The first time I came to know about this quality was through his Facebook post in SEL Fresher’s Facebook Group when he expressed his concerns about the well-being of people who had health issues while returning from Mussoorie trip.

Second time I noticed when he and Raju took Naresh Sawlani, aka, BABA to the hospital during Office hours (sacrificing his attendance) for treatment. Third time, he was the first to call for two days consecutively when I did not go to office.

But, I don’t know why a few people misunderstand him (and he misunderstands them!). He’s really a very nice fellow to be around. his 2nd best quality – he utilizes his time well. No doubt he enjoys himself to the fullest, but in case he has some times of leisure, he makes sure he invests in good stuff.

And the 3rd thing to learn from him – how to maintain a work-family-friend balance. He makes sure he gives time to friends and at the same time, fulfils his family commitments.

I am Lucky to have him as a friend… are you??

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